9 September 2011 – MEGA-DELIC 3000 – Neil and Dany’s Dirty 30 Birthday Bash!!!

Listen up hippies! Put down your crack pipes and beer bongs and pay attention. We here at the Friends of the Fractal Foundation have teamed up with the Anonymous Alchemists to bring you a historic event. Only once in our short lives do we turn 30 years of age. So in honour of this momentous occasion, we invite you to celebrate the right of passage of Neil and Dany with…

MEGA-DELIC 3000!!!!

That’s right folks. Neil and Dany’s 30th bday bash extravaganza!!!!

The most astro-tastic forces in the galaxy have gathered an all-star lineup of international super-groovers and local heros. The theme of this event will be a Future-Retro-Space-Cowboy-Rockadelic-Disco located somewhere on the edge of time. The ROADHOUSE room will feature the psychedelic beats of our trance jockeys, and the SALOON will feature fine eclectic sounds. So get your party hats and tie-dyed shirts on and come on down and celebrate!

--- In the ROADHOUSE ---

....Special Suprise act!!...

Electrypnose (CH)
2to6 Rec

AnnoyingNinjas (DK) *LIVE*
Parvati Rec

Jahbo (DK) *LIVE*
Parvati Rec

Mubali (US) *LIVE*
Parvati Rec

Radioactive Cake *LIVE*
Glitchy Tonic Rec

Zoolog (DK)
Parvati Rec

Seres Music

Cannibal Crow vs Milosz (CH)
Psycrowdelica Festival vs USP

Seres Music

Real Vision Music

--- In the SALOON ---

Karsten Pflum (DK) *LIVE*
Mindwaves Music

Vertical 67 *LIVE*
Acroplane Recordings

Discodelic Porngroove *LIVE FUNK*

Mindwaves Music

Pat Flanders
Mindwaves Music

Mindwaves Music

Dr. Funkenstein (funk soul brotha)

(More to come…)

Decorations will be provided by Neil Gibson (CAN) and the fantastic Dennis Blacklight Nature (HH).

The Indoor location will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Friends of the Fractal Foundation and Anonymous Alchemists with support from Amnesie Theater

Costumes encouraged!

Door Prizes!

Glowing Art!

Hot Air Balloon Rides!

Michael Jackson Impersonators!

Unexpected guest speakers!

Solid Gold Dancers!!

9 September 2011 um 22 Uhr
10 September 2011


malzfabrik event | bessemerstr. 2-14 | 12103 Berlin | 030-75517125 | location@malzfabrik.de | impressum